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Project that contain the implementation and interfaces for basic structure like vectors, grids, graph ... .
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compare_fusion_vector< bfv > Struct Template Reference

this class is a functor for "for_each" algorithm More...

Detailed Description

template<typename bfv>
struct compare_fusion_vector< bfv >

this class is a functor for "for_each" algorithm

It compare a boost::fusion::vector with another boost::fusion::vector

Definition at line 17 of file compare_fusion_vector.hpp.

#include <compare_fusion_vector.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 compare_fusion_vector (const bfv &src, const bfv &dst)
 constructor More...
template<typename T >
void operator() (T &t)
 It call the copy function for each property.
bool result ()
 Returh the result of the comparison. More...

Data Fields

bool eq
const bfv & src
const bfv & dst

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename bfv>
compare_fusion_vector< bfv >::compare_fusion_vector ( const bfv &  src,
const bfv &  dst 


It define the elements to compare.

objobject we have to set in grid_dst

Definition at line 31 of file compare_fusion_vector.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename bfv>
bool compare_fusion_vector< bfv >::result ( )

Returh the result of the comparison.

true if aggregates match

Definition at line 67 of file compare_fusion_vector.hpp.

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