OpenFPM_pdata  4.1.0
Project that contain the implementation of distributed structures
util_device.cuh File Reference
#include "util_type.cuh"
#include "util_arch.cuh"
#include "util_debug.cuh"
#include "util_namespace.cuh"
#include "util_macro.cuh"

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Data Structures

struct  cub::KernelConfig
struct  cub::ChainedPolicy< PTX_VERSION, PolicyT, PrevPolicyT >
 Helper for dispatching into a policy chain. More...
struct  cub::ChainedPolicy< PTX_VERSION, PolicyT, PolicyT >
 Helper for dispatching into a policy chain (end-of-chain specialization) More...


 Optional outer namespace(s)


template<int ALLOCATIONS>
__host__ __device__ __forceinline__ cudaError_t cub::AliasTemporaries (void *d_temp_storage, size_t &temp_storage_bytes, void *(&allocations)[ALLOCATIONS], size_t(&allocation_sizes)[ALLOCATIONS])
template<typename T >
__global__ void cub::EmptyKernel (void)
CUB_RUNTIME_FUNCTION __forceinline__ cudaError_t cub::PtxVersion (int &ptx_version)
 Retrieves the PTX version that will be used on the current device (major * 100 + minor * 10) More...
CUB_RUNTIME_FUNCTION __forceinline__ cudaError_t cub::SmVersion (int &sm_version, int device_ordinal)
 Retrieves the SM version (major * 100 + minor * 10)
CUB_RUNTIME_FUNCTION static __forceinline__ cudaError_t cub::SyncStream (cudaStream_t stream)
template<typename KernelPtr >
CUB_RUNTIME_FUNCTION __forceinline__ cudaError_t cub::MaxSmOccupancy (int &max_sm_occupancy, KernelPtr kernel_ptr, int block_threads, int dynamic_smem_bytes=0)
 Computes maximum SM occupancy in thread blocks for executing the given kernel function pointer kernel_ptr on the current device with block_threads per thread block. More...

Detailed Description

Properties of a given CUDA device and the corresponding PTX bundle

Definition in file util_device.cuh.