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t_to_memory_c< T > Struct Template Reference

Meta-function t_to_memory_c. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct t_to_memory_c< T >

Meta-function t_to_memory_c.

Meta-function t_to_memory_c, convert the type T into an appropriate memory_c type

basically it convert t_to_memory_c<float> into memory_c<float> and array specification like t_to_memory_c<float[3][3]> into memory_c<multi_array<float,3,3>>, and so on for higher dimensionality

Definition at line 260 of file t_to_memory_c.hpp.

#include <t_to_memory_c.hpp>

Public Types

typedef t_to_memory_c_impl< typenameremove_attributes_const_ref< T >::type >::type type

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ type

template<typename T >
typedef t_to_memory_c_impl<typenameremove_attributes_const_ref<T>::type>::type t_to_memory_c< T >::type

Definition at line 262 of file t_to_memory_c.hpp.

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