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sparsegridgpu_pack_impl< AggregateT, dataBuffer_type, prp > Struct Template Reference

this class is a functor for "for_each" algorithm More...

Detailed Description

template<typename AggregateT, typename dataBuffer_type, int ... prp>
struct sparsegridgpu_pack_impl< AggregateT, dataBuffer_type, prp >

this class is a functor for "for_each" algorithm

This class is a functor for "for_each" algorithm. For each element of the boost::vector the operator() is called. Is mainly used to calculate the size to pack a point

Template Parameters
prpset for properties

Definition at line 257 of file SparseGridGpu_ker_util.hpp.

#include <SparseGridGpu_ker_util.hpp>

Public Types

typedef to_boost_vmpl< prp... >::type vprp

Public Member Functions

__device__ __host__ sparsegridgpu_pack_impl (unsigned int dataBlockPos, unsigned int offset, dataBuffer_type &dataBuff, unsigned int ppos, void *(&data_ptr)[sizeof...(prp)+1], unsigned int n_pnt)
 constructor More...
template<typename T >
__device__ __host__ void operator() (T &t)
 It call the copy function for each property.

Data Fields

unsigned int dataBlockPos
 position of the block
unsigned int offset
dataBuffer_type & dataBuff
 data buffer
unsigned int ppos
void *(& data_ptr )[sizeof...(prp)+1]
 data pointer
unsigned int n_pnt
 Number of points to pack.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ sparsegridgpu_pack_impl()

template<typename AggregateT , typename dataBuffer_type , int ... prp>
__device__ __host__ sparsegridgpu_pack_impl< AggregateT, dataBuffer_type, prp >::sparsegridgpu_pack_impl ( unsigned int  dataBlockPos,
unsigned int  offset,
dataBuffer_type &  dataBuff,
unsigned int  ppos,
void *(&)  data_ptr[sizeof...(prp)+1],
unsigned int  n_pnt 


Definition at line 282 of file SparseGridGpu_ker_util.hpp.

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