OpenFPM_pdata  4.1.0
Project that contain the implementation of distributed structures
sadd_< prp > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<unsigned int prp>
struct sadd_< prp >

Definition at line 91 of file map_vector_sparse_cuda_kernels.cuh.

Public Types

typedef boost::mpl::int_< prp > prop

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename red_type >
__device__ static __host__ red_type red (red_type &r1, red_type &r2)
static bool is_special ()
template<typename seg_type , typename output_type >
__device__ static __host__ void set (seg_type seg_next, seg_type seg_prev, output_type &output, int i)
 is not special reduction so it does not need it

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