OpenFPM_pdata  4.1.0
Project that contain the implementation of distributed structures
op_ssend_recv_merge< op, vector_type_opart > Struct Template Reference

Helper class to merge data. More...

Detailed Description

template<template< typename, typename > class op, typename vector_type_opart>
struct op_ssend_recv_merge< op, vector_type_opart >

Helper class to merge data.

Definition at line 681 of file VCluster_meta_function.hpp.

#include <VCluster_meta_function.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 op_ssend_recv_merge (vector_type_opart &opart)
template<bool sr, typename T , typename D , typename S , template< typename > class layout_base, int ... prp>
void execute (D &recv, S &v2, size_t i, size_t opt)
 execute the merge

Data Fields

vector_type_opart & opart
 For each processor contain the list of the particles with which I must merge the information.

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