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no_stencil Struct Reference

no stencil More...

Detailed Description

no stencil

Definition at line 153 of file stencil_type.hpp.

#include <stencil_type.hpp>

Public Member Functions

template<unsigned int id>
size_t getStencil () const
 get stencil point More...
template<unsigned int dim2, typename ginfo >
void calc_offsets (const ginfo &g, const grid_key_dx< dim2 > &start_p)
 Calculate the stencil offsets. More...
void increment ()
 Increment do nothing. More...
template<unsigned int dim2>
void set_stencil (const grid_key_dx< dim2 >(&stencil_pnt)[1])
 Set the stencil points. More...
template<typename ginfo >
void adjust_offset (size_t i, size_t idr, const ginfo &grid_base)
 Adjust the offset. More...

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned int nsp = 1

Member Function Documentation

◆ adjust_offset()

template<typename ginfo >
void no_stencil::adjust_offset ( size_t  i,
size_t  idr,
const ginfo &  grid_base 

Adjust the offset.

do nothing

idrprevious component value
grid_baseinformation of the grid

Definition at line 212 of file stencil_type.hpp.

◆ calc_offsets()

template<unsigned int dim2, typename ginfo >
void no_stencil::calc_offsets ( const ginfo &  g,
const grid_key_dx< dim2 > &  start_p 

Calculate the stencil offsets.

Template Parameters
ginfogrid information object
dim2dimensionality of the starting point

do nothing

ggrid information
start_pstarting point

Definition at line 182 of file stencil_type.hpp.

◆ getStencil()

template<unsigned int id>
size_t no_stencil::getStencil ( ) const

get stencil point

do nothing


Definition at line 166 of file stencil_type.hpp.

◆ increment()

void no_stencil::increment ( )

Increment do nothing.

do nothing

Definition at line 191 of file stencil_type.hpp.

◆ set_stencil()

template<unsigned int dim2>
void no_stencil::set_stencil ( const grid_key_dx< dim2 >(&)  stencil_pnt[1])

Set the stencil points.

stencil_pntstencil points

Definition at line 199 of file stencil_type.hpp.

Field Documentation

◆ nsp

const unsigned int no_stencil::nsp = 1

dimensions of space, should be zero but is one 1 otherwise can produce zero length arrays

Definition at line 157 of file stencil_type.hpp.

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