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cub::TilePrefixCallbackOp< T, ScanOpT, ScanTileStateT, PTX_ARCH > Struct Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename T, typename ScanOpT, typename ScanTileStateT, int PTX_ARCH = CUB_PTX_ARCH>
struct cub::TilePrefixCallbackOp< T, ScanOpT, ScanTileStateT, PTX_ARCH >

Stateful block-scan prefix functor. Provides the the running prefix for the current tile by using the call-back warp to wait on on aggregates/prefixes from predecessor tiles to become available.

Definition at line 680 of file single_pass_scan_operators.cuh.

Data Structures

struct  _TempStorage
struct  TempStorage

Public Types

typedef WarpReduce< T, CUB_PTX_WARP_THREADS, PTX_ARCH > WarpReduceT
typedef ScanTileStateT::StatusWord StatusWord

Public Member Functions

__device__ __forceinline__ TilePrefixCallbackOp (ScanTileStateT &tile_status, TempStorage &temp_storage, ScanOpT scan_op, int tile_idx)
__device__ __forceinline__ void ProcessWindow (int predecessor_idx, StatusWord &predecessor_status, T &window_aggregate)
__device__ __forceinline__ T operator() (T block_aggregate)
__device__ __forceinline__ T GetExclusivePrefix ()
__device__ __forceinline__ T GetInclusivePrefix ()
__device__ __forceinline__ T GetBlockAggregate ()

Data Fields

 Reference to a warp-reduction instance.
ScanTileStateT & tile_status
 Interface to tile status.
ScanOpT scan_op
 Binary scan operator.
int tile_idx
 The current tile index.
 Exclusive prefix for the tile.
 Inclusive prefix for the tile.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ProcessWindow()

template<typename T , typename ScanOpT , typename ScanTileStateT , int PTX_ARCH = CUB_PTX_ARCH>
__device__ __forceinline__ void cub::TilePrefixCallbackOp< T, ScanOpT, ScanTileStateT, PTX_ARCH >::ProcessWindow ( int  predecessor_idx,
StatusWord &  predecessor_status,
T &  window_aggregate 
predecessor_idxPreceding tile index to inspect
[out]predecessor_statusPreceding tile status
[out]window_aggregateRelevant partial reduction from this window of preceding tiles

Definition at line 724 of file single_pass_scan_operators.cuh.

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