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cub::DispatchSpmv< ValueT, OffsetT >::PtxSegmentFixupPolicy Struct Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename ValueT, typename OffsetT>
struct cub::DispatchSpmv< ValueT, OffsetT >::PtxSegmentFixupPolicy

Definition at line 474 of file dispatch_spmv_orig.cuh.

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from cub::AgentSegmentFixupPolicy< _BLOCK_THREADS, _ITEMS_PER_THREAD, _LOAD_ALGORITHM, _LOAD_MODIFIER, _SCAN_ALGORITHM >
- Static Public Attributes inherited from cub::AgentSegmentFixupPolicy< _BLOCK_THREADS, _ITEMS_PER_THREAD, _LOAD_ALGORITHM, _LOAD_MODIFIER, _SCAN_ALGORITHM >
static const BlockLoadAlgorithm LOAD_ALGORITHM = _LOAD_ALGORITHM
 The BlockLoad algorithm to use.
static const CacheLoadModifier LOAD_MODIFIER = _LOAD_MODIFIER
 Cache load modifier for reading input elements.
static const BlockScanAlgorithm SCAN_ALGORITHM = _SCAN_ALGORITHM
 The BlockScan algorithm to use.

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