OpenFPM_pdata  4.1.0
Project that contain the implementation of distributed structures
cub::DispatchSpmv< ValueT, OffsetT >::Policy350 Struct Reference

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Detailed Description

template<typename ValueT, typename OffsetT>
struct cub::DispatchSpmv< ValueT, OffsetT >::Policy350


Definition at line 343 of file dispatch_spmv_orig.cuh.

Public Types

typedef AgentSpmvPolicy<(sizeof(ValueT) > 4) ? 96 :128,(sizeof(ValueT) > 4) ? 4 :7, LOAD_LDG, LOAD_CA, LOAD_LDG, LOAD_LDG, LOAD_LDG,(sizeof(ValueT) > 4) ? true :false, BLOCK_SCAN_WARP_SCANSSpmvPolicyT
typedef AgentSegmentFixupPolicy< 128, 3, BLOCK_LOAD_VECTORIZE, LOAD_LDG, BLOCK_SCAN_WARP_SCANSSegmentFixupPolicyT

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