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cub::CachingDeviceAllocator::BlockDescriptor Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Descriptor for device memory allocations

Definition at line 126 of file util_allocator.cuh.

Public Member Functions

 BlockDescriptor (void *d_ptr, int device)
 BlockDescriptor (int device)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool PtrCompare (const BlockDescriptor &a, const BlockDescriptor &b)
static bool SizeCompare (const BlockDescriptor &a, const BlockDescriptor &b)

Data Fields

void * d_ptr
size_t bytes
unsigned int bin
int device
cudaStream_t associated_stream
cudaEvent_t ready_event

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BlockDescriptor() [1/2]

cub::CachingDeviceAllocator::BlockDescriptor::BlockDescriptor ( void *  d_ptr,
int  device 

Definition at line 136 of file util_allocator.cuh.

◆ BlockDescriptor() [2/2]

cub::CachingDeviceAllocator::BlockDescriptor::BlockDescriptor ( int  device)

Definition at line 146 of file util_allocator.cuh.

Member Function Documentation

◆ PtrCompare()

static bool cub::CachingDeviceAllocator::BlockDescriptor::PtrCompare ( const BlockDescriptor a,
const BlockDescriptor b 

Definition at line 156 of file util_allocator.cuh.

◆ SizeCompare()

static bool cub::CachingDeviceAllocator::BlockDescriptor::SizeCompare ( const BlockDescriptor a,
const BlockDescriptor b 

Definition at line 165 of file util_allocator.cuh.

Field Documentation

◆ associated_stream

cudaStream_t cub::CachingDeviceAllocator::BlockDescriptor::associated_stream

Definition at line 132 of file util_allocator.cuh.

◆ bin

unsigned int cub::CachingDeviceAllocator::BlockDescriptor::bin

Definition at line 130 of file util_allocator.cuh.

◆ bytes

size_t cub::CachingDeviceAllocator::BlockDescriptor::bytes

Definition at line 129 of file util_allocator.cuh.

◆ d_ptr

void* cub::CachingDeviceAllocator::BlockDescriptor::d_ptr

Definition at line 128 of file util_allocator.cuh.

◆ device

int cub::CachingDeviceAllocator::BlockDescriptor::device

Definition at line 131 of file util_allocator.cuh.

◆ ready_event

cudaEvent_t cub::CachingDeviceAllocator::BlockDescriptor::ready_event

Definition at line 133 of file util_allocator.cuh.

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