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GCoptions Struct Reference

Google chart options. More...

Detailed Description

Google chart options.

Definition at line 25 of file GoogleChart.hpp.

#include <GoogleChart.hpp>

Public Member Functions

GCoptionsoperator= (const GCoptions &opt)
 copy operator More...

Data Fields

std::string title
 Title of the chart.
std::string yAxis
 Y axis name.
std::string xAxis
 X axis name.
std::string stype
std::string stypeext
size_t width =900
 width of the graph in pixels
size_t heigh =500
 height of the graph in pixels
bool isStacked = false
size_t lineWidth = 4
 Width of the line.
std::string intervalsext
std::string intervalext
std::string more
std::string curveType = "function"
 curve type
bool barWD = false

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

GCoptions& GCoptions::operator= ( const GCoptions opt)

copy operator

optobject to copy

Definition at line 82 of file GoogleChart.hpp.

Field Documentation

◆ intervalext

std::string GCoptions::intervalext

Style for each interval Check Google Chart API interval option

Definition at line 64 of file GoogleChart.hpp.

◆ intervalsext

std::string GCoptions::intervalsext

Style for all the intervals Check Google Chart API intervals option

Definition at line 60 of file GoogleChart.hpp.

◆ isStacked

bool GCoptions::isStacked = false

Flag that specify if the colums are stacked Check in Google Chart for is stacked option

Definition at line 53 of file GoogleChart.hpp.

◆ stype

std::string GCoptions::stype

Type of chart (list of the option can be founded in Google Chart API for seriesType) Possible options are: 'line', 'area', 'bars', 'candlesticks', and 'steppedArea' default: line

Definition at line 38 of file GoogleChart.hpp.

◆ stypeext

std::string GCoptions::stypeext

Extended series options Example {5: {type: 'line'}} specify that the series number 5 must be represented with a line

Definition at line 43 of file GoogleChart.hpp.

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