OpenFPM_pdata  4.1.0
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openfpm::vector_key_iterator Class Reference

Vector iterator. More...

Detailed Description

Vector iterator.

Definition at line 108 of file vector_map_iterator.hpp.

#include <vector_map_iterator.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 vector_key_iterator (size_t end, size_t start=0)
 Constructor require the size of the vector. More...
vector_key_iteratoroperator++ ()
 Get the next element. More...
void set (int d, size_t sz)
 Set the dimension. More...
bool isNext () const
 Check if there is the next element. More...
size_t get () const
 Get the actual key. More...

Protected Attributes

size_t gk
 Actual key.

Private Attributes

size_t end
 Linearized end element.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ vector_key_iterator()

openfpm::vector_key_iterator::vector_key_iterator ( size_t  end,
size_t  start = 0 

Constructor require the size of the vector.

startstarting point

Definition at line 126 of file vector_map_iterator.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get()

size_t openfpm::vector_key_iterator::get ( ) const

Get the actual key.

Get the actual key

the actual key

Definition at line 187 of file vector_map_iterator.hpp.

◆ isNext()

bool openfpm::vector_key_iterator::isNext ( ) const

Check if there is the next element.

Check if there is the next element

true if there is the next, false otherwise

we did not reach the end of the grid

we reach the end of the grid

Definition at line 167 of file vector_map_iterator.hpp.

◆ operator++()

vector_key_iterator& openfpm::vector_key_iterator::operator++ ( )

Get the next element.

Get the next element

the next grid_key

increment the first index

Definition at line 138 of file vector_map_iterator.hpp.

◆ set()

void openfpm::vector_key_iterator::set ( int  d,
size_t  sz 

Set the dimension.

dis the dimension (IGNORED is by default 0)
szset the counter to sz

Definition at line 153 of file vector_map_iterator.hpp.

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