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fill_prop_v< dim, dT, G_v, v, impl > Class Template Reference

This class work as a functor. More...

Detailed Description

template<unsigned int dim, typename dT, typename G_v, typename v, int impl>
class fill_prop_v< dim, dT, G_v, v, impl >

This class work as a functor.

For each number in the boost::mpl::vector (for example 3 6) set the properties of the vertex at the specified id (3 6) with pos[d] * spacing[d] with d running from 0 to 1, pos[d] the position id of the vertex spacing the grid spacing


if we give a grid_key of dimension 2 4x4 the expression "pos[d] * spacing[d]" will assume the value

(0.0 0.0) (0.25 0.0) ...... (1.0 0.0) (0.0 0.25)................. (1.0 0.25) .................................... (0.0 1.0).................. (1.0 1.0)

and the properties 3 6 will be filled with the numbers 0.0 0.0 ....... 1.0 1.0 progressively

Template Parameters
dimDimensionality of the cartesian grid
dTtype of the domain
G_vvertex type object
vboost::mpl::vector containing all the index to fill
is_stubwhen is true, produce a trivial operator(), to use when v is an empty vector to avoid compilation error

Definition at line 48 of file DistGraphFactory.hpp.

#include <DistGraphFactory.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 fill_prop_v (G_v &g_v, const dT(&szd)[dim], grid_key_dx< dim > &gk, const grid_sm< dim, void > &gs)
 Fill the object from where to take the properties.
template<typename T >
void operator() (T &t) const
 It call the function for each property we want to copy.

Private Attributes

const dT(& szd )[dim]
 Reference to an array containing the spacing.
grid_key_dx< dim > & gk
 grid_key_dx Reference containing the actual position
G_v & g_v
 Vertex object to fill.
const grid_sm< dim, void > & gs
 grid info

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