OpenFPM_pdata  4.1.0
Project that contain the implementation of distributed structures
copy_sparse_to_sparse_op< op, dim, Tsrc, Tdst, prp > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<template< typename, typename > class op, unsigned int dim, typename Tsrc, typename Tdst, unsigned int ... prp>
class copy_sparse_to_sparse_op< op, dim, Tsrc, Tdst, prp >

Definition at line 204 of file SparseGrid.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 copy_sparse_to_sparse_op (const Tsrc &src, Tdst &dst, grid_key_dx< dim > &pos_src, grid_key_dx< dim > &pos_dst)
template<typename T >
void operator() (T &t) const
 It call the copy function for each property.

Private Types

typedef to_boost_vmpl< prp... >::type v_prp
 Convert the packed properties into an MPL vector.

Private Attributes

const Tsrc & src
Tdst & dst
grid_key_dx< dim > & pos_src
 source position
grid_key_dx< dim > & pos_dst
 destination position

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