OpenFPM_pdata  4.1.0
Project that contain the implementation of distributed structures
Vandermonde< dim, T, MatrixType > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<unsigned int dim, typename T, typename MatrixType>
class Vandermonde< dim, T, MatrixType >

Definition at line 13 of file Vandermonde.hpp.

Public Member Functions

template<typename vector_type >
 Vandermonde (const Support &support, const MonomialBasis< dim > &monomialBasis, const vector_type &particles)
MatrixType & getMatrix (MatrixType &M)
getEps ()

Private Member Functions

void computeEps (T factor)
template<typename vector_type >
void initialize (const Support &sup, const vector_type &particles)

Static Private Member Functions

static T computeAbsSum (const Point< dim, T > &x)

Private Attributes

const Point< dim, T > point
std::vector< Point< dim, T > > offsets
const MonomialBasis< dim > monomialBasis

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