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SparseMatrix< T, id_t, DEFAULT_MATRIX > Class Template Reference

Sparse Matrix implementation. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename T, typename id_t, unsigned int Mi DEFAULT_MATRIX>
class SparseMatrix< T, id_t, DEFAULT_MATRIX >

Sparse Matrix implementation.

Template Parameters
TType of the sparse Matrix store on each row,colums
id_ttype of id

Definition at line 78 of file SparseMatrix.hpp.

#include <SparseMatrix.hpp>

Public Types

typedef boost::mpl::int_<-1 > triplet_impl
 Triplet implementation id.
typedef triplet< T,-1 > triplet_type
 Triplet type.

Public Member Functions

 SparseMatrix (size_t N1, size_t N2)
 SparseMatrix (size_t N1, size_t N2, size_t loc)
openfpm::vector< triplet_type > & getMatrixTriplets ()
const int & getMat () const
int & getMat ()
void resize (size_t row, size_t col, size_t row_n, size_t col_n)
operator() (id_t i, id_t j)
bool save (const std::string &file) const
bool load (const std::string &file)
getValue (size_t r, size_t c)

Data Fields

openfpm::vector< triplet_typestub_vt
int stub_i

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